iCAN Care accelerates technology to extend independence and quality of life.

Seniors are thinking of their future and there is a growing demand for innovative technology to support communication and information across the circle of care.

  • Easy to use downloadable for wearable and mobile caregiver apps.
  • Real-time, secure and consistent information exchange across family and care team.
  • Biometrics and key data for Patient Dashboard, Analytics and Trend Reporting
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    that innovation would help make Canadian Seniors more comfortable with aging.

    of Seniors

    are looking for products and services to help them live independently longer.

    of Canadians

    65+ experience some form of memory loss according to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada.

    Patient Wearable + Mobile App

    A watch is an everyday item. iCAN Care for Apple Watch and iPhone uses an everyday item to support the wearer without the stigma of a medical looking device.

    The Watch Wearer is able to:

    Care Plans: Complete or dismiss activities of daily living.
    Reminders: Receive and acknowledge reminders.
    Health Monitoring: View heart rate and count steps.
    Location & Safety: Receive safety zone alerts.

    Caregiver iPhone App

    Caregivers invite a Watch wearer to accept their invitation for support from the iCAN Care iPhone Routine Builder allows a little or a lot of support to be provided. Health Monitoring and Location & Safety Plans are also available as needs change.
    Caregivers are able to:

    Care Plans: Build care plans using Routine Builder.
    Reminders: Create and manage reminders for wearer.
    Health Monitoring: View heart rate and step count.
    Location & Safety: Create safety zones and use ‘find watch’.

    Caregiver Full Product Suite

    Home Healthcare Providers, Group Homes and Retirement Homes can integrate real-time analytics into your graduated care plans, improve the patient experience as well as extend and send resources where and when they are needed most needed.

    Patient App: a wearable with real-time data.
    Caregiver App: Build care plans using Routine Builder.
    Patient Monitoring: Access real-time data.
    API: Patient metrics and key data.
    Coming soon: Analytics and Trend Reporting.

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