We Are iCan Interactive

Nice to meet you!

Fred Aldi Headshot

Fred Albi


With 20+ years of experience in business and finance, Fred acquires and supplies the relevant information required for making streamlined decisions. He provides impressive value-add to the business and its stakeholders, as well as breadth of coverage in technology.

Wesley Flynn Headshot

Wesley Flynn

Android Development

Wesley uses his natural leadership and development skills to help shape the applications for our latest product: Olli. His experience in programming and  advertisement brings a new spin into the mix of iCan’s development team.

William McHugh Headshot

William McHugh

Designer & Programmer

Will challenges the norm and asks difficult questions to get what we need from our customers and partners. He keeps us goal-oriented, organized and on-task. Will supplies new, modern ideas in design and functionality to iCan Interactive.

Tristan Wilson Headshot

Tristan Wilson

Strategy & Programmer

Tristan takes time away from running his own business to supply fresh ideas, and his considerable skill at developing applications, to our initiative. His ideas, as well as his skill set, are an integral part of the design and execution of applications for iCan’s product suite.

Carly Hoffman Headshot

Carly Hoffman

Content Manager

Carly’s 20-year obsession with the written word has blossomed into the solution-based creativity it takes to produce, manage and publish content that works hard to illuminate what we do at iCan Interactive.

Marilyn Gregory Headshot

Marilyn Gregory

Graphic Artist

Inspired by the nature of our innovations, Marilyn uses her diverse background, broad knowledge base and strong design toolbox to visually enhance iCan’s powerful initiative.

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