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Stephen Eades Headshot

Stephen Eades

Cofounder, CEO

Steve’s impressive skill set pushes far beyond the technical boundaries of his diverse background in Telecom and IT infrastructure. As an advocate for change, an inventor and a general disruptor, Steve leads iCan Interactive with a passion to succeed, a thirst for innovation and an overarching goal: to increase the independence of vulnerable populations and their families.

Ross Bigelow Headshot

Ross Bigelow

Cofounder, CTO

Ross puts over 20 years of hardware and software development experience behind creating industry-leading, connected, smart devices. Ross holds three diplomas in Engineering Technology, a Bachelor of Technology, and a Master of Science. Ross’s research explores ways to build smarter, more connected products and services.  From smart sensors and embedded control systems, to enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud systems.

Fred Aldi Headshot

Fred Albi


With 20+ years of experience in business and finance, Fred acquires and supplies the relevant information required for making streamlined decisions. He provides impressive value-add to the business and its stakeholders, as well as breadth of coverage in technology.


Brahm Swirsky

Director Business Strategy

Brahm’s passion for developing new businesses from the ground up provides strong fundamental strategies in navigating the path to good structure and sound growth. His 27 years of entrepreneurial experience offers the team assistance in overall vision, business structure, operational best practices, as well as access to his 14 years of international commerce and sourcing. His time spent on numerous boards as a director is a strong asset in maintaining proper governance and long term planning for the organization.


Carolyn Swirsky


Ms. Swirsky graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and pursued coaching in the years that followed. An Adler trained coach and a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line

Therapy ™, and Hypnosis, she has created and delivered customized coaching programs to forward thinking businesses and individuals, as well as to support groups and charitable organizations. As someone afflicted with CFS at a young age, Carolyn understands the importance of seeking and adopting strategies to best manage and control what you can when a sudden or progressive chronic illness robs you of your ‘normal’ life. As such, she developed a self-care plan for herself, and as a coach has helped individuals and (their) caregivers uncover unique strategies and tools that keep them engaged in their own wellness plan with an emphasis on autonomy and doing the best that you can.


Evelyn Buchbinder

External Relations

Evelyn Buchbinder, B.A., Research Associate: With a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and a Montessori Teaching Diploma, Ms. Buchbinder teaches children of diverse abilities in blended classrooms and works with people of all ages in various schools and business settings. She is a valued board member on CYJ a youth & camp organization and CAMT Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers and her tasks include providing support to special needs youth, programming, as well as researching presenters and keynotes for workshops and conferences for up to 400 people. Her role at iCan is to ensure the development of products, including Olli, is based on research. She is instrumental in ensuring implementation of research findings into iCan product offerings during and after the research project.


Dr. Howard Bloom

Child and Youth

Dr. Bloom co-founded and ran a recreational program for complex at-risk youth, has organized and led behavior management workshops and conferences, and served as the Chief Administrative Officer for a special needs charitable foundation. In 1998 he helped established a local special needs residential care home agency for children and youth deemed hard to serve. Howard’s research interests include mental health issues, cognitive, social and emotional psychopathology and risk and resilience.


Dr. Mira Ray

Applied Research

Dr. Mira Ray, PhD, MBA provides guidance for strategic planning and supervision of Applied Research projects. Mira was a consultant with a top-tier management consulting firm, where she provided clients with guidance on major strategic decisions, from planning through to implementation. In addition, she has expertise in systems and process redesign, change management, and capability building. Prior to joining she completed her PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in cancer research, in addition to a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science.


John Orange

Intellectual Property

John is a Registered Patent Agent and Registered Trade Mark Agent in Canada and is registered to represent Canadian clients before the US Patent and Trademark Office. John has been listed as a patent expert in Legal Media Group’s Guide to the World’s Leading Patent Experts. John is a fellow of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and has served on its council. He is past president of the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)and most recently president of FICPI’s Deontology Committee.

Chris Adams Headshot

Chris Adams

Development Advisor

Chris brings a straightforward, and significant, philosophy to iCan Interactive: great engineering and product teams are built on talent and agility. We build our strategy around understanding the needs of each partner and customer. This is crucial to the success of our product suite and our evolving cycle of innovation.

Carly Hoffman Headshot

Carly Hoffman

Content Manager

Carly’s 20-year obsession with the written word has blossomed into the solution-based creativity it takes to produce, manage and publish content that works hard to illuminate what we do at iCan Interactive.

William McHugh Headshot

William McHugh

Development Manager

Will challenges the norm and asks difficult questions to get what we need from our customers and partners. He keeps us goal-oriented, organized and on-task. Will supplies new, modern ideas in design and functionality to iCan Interactive.

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