iCan Interactive home healthcare app for patients and their family.

We understand the realities of caring for a loved one who is vulnerable. It’s not easy to deal with your loved one’s cognitive problems, mood swings, daily routine and help them stay positive.​

iCan Care helps smooth out activities of daily living, improve communication across the circle of care, and add a sense of safety even when you are not physically present.​​

Did you know?


in 66

children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2018, StatsCan)

of Caregivers

provide support for age-related issues (2012, StatsCan).


15+ provide care to a vulnerable friend or family member (2012, StatsCan).

Patient Wearable + Mobile App

The Watch Wearer is able to:

Care Plans: Complete or dismiss activities of daily living.
Reminders: Receive and acknowledge reminders.
Health Monitoring: View heart rate and count steps.
Location & Safety: Receive safety zone alerts.

Caregiver Mobile App

Caregivers invite a Watch wearer to accept their invitation for support from the iCAN Care iPhone Routine Builder allows a little or a lot of support to be provided. Health Monitoring and Location & Safety Plans are also available as needs change.
Caregivers are able to:

Care Plans: Build care plans using Routine Builder.
Reminders: Create and manage reminders for wearer.
Health Monitoring: View heart rate and step count.
Location & Safety: Create safety zones and use ‘find watch’.

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