Stephen Eades

Co-founder & CEO

Meet Stephen Eades and his twin girls. As they grew, he noticed one of his girls was developing differently than her sister. At age two she was formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He worried, "What will she do when I am not around?"

He was now a man with a mission – to enter and understand her world and offer her independence and new experiences. What became clear was she required a companion so he created a simple and easy to use digital assistant that she could wear to support her . This ‘wearable’ companion helps her live more confidently and independently.

But, he needed the right team. Enter Ross Bigelow.

As the team evolved so did the possibilities to provide a wide variety of features and functions that could help vulnerable populations who want to remain at home - including the elderly, people living with cognitive impairment, early stage dementia or chronic illnesses.
"I can". One parent’s quest from the heart that grew legs and evolved into iCan Interactive.

Ross Bigelow


Ross oversees the development of the iCan suite of app’s. He has taught and coordinated technology programs for over 20 years. Prior to coming to Georgian in he held roles including IT manager, Director of Online Learning and Chief Information Officer. While at Georgian, Ross has coordinated five programs in the Computer Studies portfolio and has been key in developing new programs including Mobile Application Developer, Big Data Analytics, Computer Science (Partnership with Lakehead), Artificial Intelligence and Game Design.

He holds three diplomas in Engineering Technology, a Bachelor of Technology, and a Master of Science. As a faculty lead researcher, Ross' research explores ways to build smarter, more connected products and is leveraging AI systems to help companies become market leaders with Industry 4.0 solutions.

When he’s not helping students or spending time with his four kids, Ross also enjoys working with the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Center helping entrepreneurs leverage technology to achieve thier business goals.

Our Leadership Team

As iCan Interactive's Chief Product Officer, my team and I will be defining and delivering our vision for wearable technology for vulnerable populations - our wearable solutions.

iCan wearable and mobile app's were designed from the ground up to empower and provide independence to its users, specifically children with Autism and mature adults with Dementia. iCan app's are assistive software that augments personalized care plans to enhance quality of life for those who strive to maintain independence while maintaining connection and support from family, friends, and caregivers. .

Brahm is our Chief Business Strategist. His passion for developing new businesses from the ground up provides strong fundamental strategies in navigating the path to good structure and sound growth.

His 27 years of entrepreneurial experience offers the team assistance in overall vision, business structure, operational best practices, as well as access to his 14 years of international commerce and sourcing. His time spent on numerous boards as a director are a strong asset in maintaining proper governance and long-term planning for the organization.

As iCan Interactive's Chief Finance Officer, I contribute 20 years experience, broad knowledge of tax accounting and small to medium business advisory services that enables strategic decision-making, providing value-add to the team.

Success in today's business climate requires a diverse set of qualities, some of which include leadership, partnership, perseverance, responsibility, courage, and creativity. iCan's team brings these qualities to their work.

Our Advisory Team

As iCan Advisor, Dr. Howard Bloom, M.Ed, PhD, brings his research interests in experiences of mental health issues, cognitive, social and emotional psychopathology, risk and resilience, staff training, adult learning and experiential learning models are proving invaluable.

Supporting children and youth, Dr. Bloom has worked in a variety of recreational, educational and residential settings. Prior to his time at Georgian College (for 15 years), Howard co-founded and ran a recreational program for complex at-risk youth. In 1998, Howard and his wife also established a local special needs residential care home agency for children and youth deemed hard to serve.

Dr. James Doran draws on nearly twenty years of unique experiences spanning scientific research, innovation & entrepreneurship, space science, teaching & education, grant writing, business investment, and strategy development & implementation.

James lives and breathes research, innovation and entrepreneurship. James has helped design innovation clusters/centres across Ontario and has created some of the most successful business support programs for start-ups and medium-sized companies.

Dr. Mira Ray, PhD, MBA provides iCan with strategic planning guidance for funding the growth of the iCan Interactive suite of products.

Mira provides guidance for strategic planning for Georgian College’s Research and Innovation department. Mira was a consultant with McKinsey and Company, a top-tier management consulting firm, where she provided clients with guidance on major strategic decisions, from planning through to implementation.  In addition, she has expertise in systems and process redesign, change management, and capability building.  Prior to joining McKinsey, she completed her PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in cancer research, in addition to a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science.

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