Stephen and his girls

“My goal is to create independence for children on the autism spectrum with wearable technology that builds self-confidence, autonomy and independence.”

About Stephen

When Stephen’s twin girls were growing up, he noticed that Grace was developing differently than her sister. Through early intervention and testing at two years old, Grace was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since then, Stephen’s mission has been to seek out advances in technology that can help support Grace’s development.


“I thought that somehow, there had to be something out there – but after a relentless, global search, I couldn’t find anything I wanted for Grace.”


With a long career in the technology industry behind him, Stephen decided to blend his skills, his daughter’s exceptional abilities and the latest advances in technology to create an artificially intelligent, wearable companion who can help – Olli!

His Concept

After two years of study, involving hundreds of individuals (educators, healthcare and social workers, Applied Behaviour Analysis therapists, parents, autistic children/adults, community groups and more) and with support from the National Research Council of Canada, Olli was born.


Olli is a patent-pending, artificially intelligent wearable that helps children on the autism spectrum achieve independence through scheduling and gamification.


Stephen knows that Olli is the companion that will close the gap for Grace. Olli can help her (as well as millions of others diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder) achieve security, independence, self-regulation and self-confidence. Above all, Olli makes it fun!

How You Can Help

1 in 68 children are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sign up to stay tuned into the rising buzz around Olli, and become part of a global movement that will enable and support the ever-changing needs of exceptional children.


At iCan Interactive, we use advanced research to take serious strides toward using the latest technology in order to bring the safest, and best possible products to the social community.


Our efforts are dedicated to accelerating the possibilities of wearable technology to create positive social outcomes for societies by supporting our vulnerable populations.

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