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What We Do

We blend tech innovation with human dynamics to create life-changing wearable products

Applied Research

Funded in part by the National Research Council of Canada, we investigate solutions to everyday, practical challenges. From software developers to doctors, our vast spectrum of experts research how to best align tech innovation with human factors.

Product Development

Our multidisciplinary team members put their brilliant minds together, and use the applied research to develop wearables that can provide solutions to social challenges. Our wearable products use Artificial Intelligence to adapt to the wearer’s needs, and help improve their functionality on an individual basis.


While in operation, iCan’s intelligent wearables use their built-in “deep learning” abilities to obtain unique scientific data from each user. The new information collected from each device is then gathered together, and fed back into our data centre as applied research.

Olli Watch

Meet Olli: the world’s first intelligent, interactive and proactive companion, designed to help children on the autism spectrum build self-confidence, increase autonomy and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Olli learns and understands the patterns of your child, processes their behaviour based on context, and then acts on that information in order to assist them.

From playtime to bathroom breaks, Olli will be there to help your child with scheduling, basic life skills, anxiety, coping with the effects of over stimulation, and much more.

*Patent Pending

Blue Olli Watch


Enjoy the peace of mind you get by staying connected with 3G, Wifi and Bluetooth while your child is free to roam and play.


Keep track of your child by using 3G and GPS data that can pinpoint his or her location.

Water Resistant

Olli is water resistant, so he can go where your child goes - showers and baths included!


Monitor your child's health system so that you can help prevent or lessen the intensity of attacks BEFORE they happen.

Games and Rewards

Olli rewards your child with games by using a scheduler that monitors and applies a healthy limit to the amount of game time allowed.

SOS and Alerts

Make sure your child always has a safety net by using Olli's SOS alerts with easy activation in case of motor issues.


Scheduling has never been easier! Olli helps maintain your child's schedule for you, and keeps you both on track. He never misses a beat!

Life Skills

Help your child with basic life skills. Olli teaches the basics to increase your child's independence.


Since founded in 2016, iCan Interactive has always looked for the best of the best, to become the leader in technology for the help and welfare of people around the world.


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